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  • nutrition made simple
  • accelerate workout results with optimal nutrition - tailor your diet to your exercise programme & goals
  • a sustainable, long-term approach to healthy eating - no 'fad diets'!
  • bespoke coaching - one size does NOT fit all!
  • stay on track with an accountability plan
  • gain confidence by achieving weight loss and body image goals
  • more than just a diet plan - learn the 'how' and 'why' for lifetime success
  • a strictly evidence-based approach - no B.S!
While exercise alone will produce a wide variety of physical & mental benefits... of the keys to unlocking the most impressive results is nutrition.

Whether you are aiming to lose weight, tone up, build muscle or improve your physical fitness & health...

...providing your body with the right nutrients to support your progress is absolutely vital!


What Is Nutrition Coaching?

Eating healthily and providing your body with the right nutrients for your goals can feel complicated and confusing...

The media, the internet, "social media influencers", the talkative guy at the gym and even your friends & family will provide an endless supply of contrasting information and advice, such as the latest "celebrity-endorsed fad diet" or their newly discovered range of supplements.

Nutrition Coaching not only ensures that your diet works to help you achieve your goals, but also aims to simplify the process and remove the confusion, making it possible to adopt healthy principles as a maintainable lifestyle...

...because ultimately, to make your results last, your strategy must be not only effective, but SUSTAINABLE too!

Your programme is therefore flexible & tailored to suit you... working around your life, as opposed to disrupting your life!

Instead of adopting strict, unrealistic rules... learn to adapt your own programme to fit in with your lifestyle.


Is It A Diet Plan?


A diet plan simply 'dictates'! While this can be useful in some short-term scenarios, it is NOT a long-term solution (what happens when you inevitably "fall off plan"?!)

Nutrition Coaching not only helps you to improve your nutrition in the pursuit of a goal... it helps you to understand the "WHY" and "HOW" of your programme. This means that YOU are ultimately in control of your own plan and provides the freedom to adjust & adapt while still achieving success!

That means...

- continuing to eat your favourite foods!
- continuing to enjoy your social life!
- learning to appreciate the bigger picture and STOP sweating the small stuff!
- understanding that healthy nutrition is about fuelling your body... and NOT about sacrifice & restriction!




Nutrition can seem confusing...

Countless fad-diets, online opinions, celebrity endorsed plans etc, often contradict each other and suggest that complex strategies, strict rules and huge sacrifices are necessary to achieve success.

The truth is... nutrition can be very simple.

Coaching ensures that you are following the correct path to achieve your goals and provides the framework to help you stay on that path long-term... breaking the endless cycle of bouncing from one 'diet' to another!


Real Change
Your results reflect your most consistent habits... long-term results therefore require a change in mindset and a change in routine.

If it was as simple as being told what to eat... your diet would already be perfect!

Nutrition Coaching is therefore not just limited to knowing what to eat.. but also addresses the influence of your lifestyle and psychology on your choices.

Again, making positive changes to your diet is relatively simple... Integrating those changes into your existing lifestyle and forming long-term habits is the real key!


Many people find that although they know how to improve their own diet, they simply lack the so-called 'discipline' or 'willpower' to do so.

Nutrition Coaching is NOT simply a case of telling you what to eat. It also provides a way of ensuring that you stay on track until you have achieved your target results (and beyond)!.

Setbacks do happen... but with the support of a Nutrition Coach, you will guarantee that you remain consistent and achieve your results as efficiently as possible.


Make Sure Your Plan Is Sustainable
Obviously you want to see results as soon as possible...

While coaching helps to achieve that, it's also important to make sure that your results are permanent.

(No more 'yo-yo dieting'!)

This means employing sustainable tactics... If the method is temporary, then so are the results!

By all means, if you have a need for an ambitious, short-term goal eg. a wedding, a holiday etc, you can choose to be more disciplined over a defined period of time...

Otherwise... no "fad-diets" and no unnecessarily strict rules!

Health & Resilience...
The link between diet and health is well documented.

Obesity, the risk of various cancers, heart disease, diabetes etc have long been linked with poor dietary habits.

The Covid-19 pandemic further highlighted the risks of not maintaining a healthy body composition and the negative consequences of nutrient deficiencies.

Making improvements to your own diet is one of the most powerful things you can do to protect your own health and wellbeing!


Feel The Benefits!
Diet & nutrition is about so much more than simply "looking better"...

What we eat has a profound impact on how we feel physically & mentally. Enjoy noticeable improvements in...


  • energy levels

  • self-confidence

  • symptoms of anxiety & depression

  • better sleep

  • better digestive health

  • appetite & cravings

  • reduced risk (and less worrying about) multiple diseases

  • improved cognition...

... and much, much more!


Feel Confident!
Nobody enjoys feeling out of shape...

Nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining a desirable & healthy body composition.

Nutrition Coaching ensures that you not only reach your ideal target, but also that you stay there!

Stop Guessing!
Based on proven, scientific principles...

Programmes are based on evidence-based principles, guaranteeing that you will achieve your goals.

No more guessing... and no more time wasted looking for the "right plan".


Stop 'Dieting' & Start Living
To be successful in the long-term, your diet must be sustainable.

By definition, that means including your favourite foods and ensuring that your diet fits within your current lifestyle.

In other words, for your programme to be sustainable, it needs to feel 'easy'... and it must allow you to enjoy life without being overly restrictive.

Nutrition Coaching ensures that you achieve results with a programme that does NOT feel like a chore!


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