39 Benefits of Exercise

Physical Fitness...

1. Increase muscle strength

2. Improve muscular endurance

3. Improve cardiovascular capacity

4. Feel generally more energetic as everyday tasks become more & more simple

5. Increase muscle mass (helps to improve metabolic health)

6. Improve blood flow to muscles

7. Increase your flexibility

8. Improve overall body composition

General Health...

9. Reduce excess stored body fat

10. Increase strength of your heart muscle

11. Improve your cholesterol profile

12. Increase insulin sensitivity (helps to improve metabolic health by helping muscles better process glucose)

13. Help to reduce your blood pressure

14. Reduce your risk of heart disease

15. Reduce your risk of diabetes

16. Reduce your risk of some cancers

17. Reduce your risk of stroke

18. Reduce your risk of osteoporosis

19. Improve posture (reduced risk of injury and improved aesthetics)

20. Helps to reduce cravings in people who are trying to stop smoking

21. You will be more likely to adopt, and adhere to, a healthier diet when exercising regularly

22. Important for healthy ageing; bone strength, muscle strength, balance etc

23. Will improve your ability, and enjoyment of most sports

24. Reduce inflammation (as long as you remember to schedule rest days!)

25. Increase your overall life expectancy!

26. Increase the 'strength'/resilience of your immune system

Mental Health...

27. Increase self-confidence

28. Body-confidence ("more attractive!")

29. Reduce anxiety

30. Reduce depressive symptoms

31. Enjoy the post-workout "endorphin-rush"!

32. Improve your focus and productivity

33. Reduce your stress levels... and increase your ability to handle unavoidable stress when it does occur

34. Exercise provides opportunities to be social (group exercise, gym etc)

35. Exercise encourages the setting of goals/challenges, and the gradual achievement of them, providing an added sense of purpose and achievement.

36. Increases, or maintains a healthy sex drive!

37. Improve your sleep (quality and quantity)

38. You can use exercise for 'me time'; opportunity to meditate, "switch-off" from daily stress, listen to music etc

39. Trains you to become/remain disciplined