How To Stay Motivated!

1) Routine...

Let's be honest... if you don't really "want" to exercise... what's going to happen if you say "you'll do it when you feel like it"?

Create a routine...

And stick to it.

Think about convenience, energy and realism...

There's no point putting pressure on yourself to wake up at 5am if you're not a "morning person".

This isn't sustainable.

Having said that... planning workouts earlier in the day reduces the chances of cancelling that workout "because something came up".

You can always move a morning workout to the afternoon or evening if necessary.

If you planned an evening workout, and something goes wrong... not much room for adjustments there.

But the important thing is that you do need to PLAN and incorporate exercise into your routine.

Don't kid yourself that your going to figure out as you go along.

2) Measure & Reward Results

Low confidence, low self-esteem, pessimism etc...

It is extremely common to approach a new exercise plan with NEGATIVE thoughts.

And it's extremely likely that this will lead to low motivation and eventually quitting.

Build confidence in what you are doing by remaining mindful of progress.

It might be gradual.

That's fine...

The important thing is that you actually notice and acknowledge it.

Reward yourself regularly for achieving milestones.

They don't have to be brutally difficult.

Just enough to signal that you are progressing towards your goals.

Seeing results will build that confidnece and motivate you to maintain/continue your progress.

This then works as a positive cycle...

Initial commitment = Results = Confidence = Motivation = Continued commitment = Continued results etc...

3. Make It Fun

The "best" workout plan for you...

Is the one that you are able to stick to.

It doesn't matter how expensive or complicated your plan is... if you fail to adhere to consistent training and diet...

You WILL NOT see the results that you want.

It's easy to convince yourself that you're willing to do 'whatever it takes' to reach your goal...

But in reality, after a few workouts, the novelty will wear off if you are not enjoying the process.

Make it fun!

Accept that you might have to compromise slightly if you don't enjoy the "most effective" exercises that you find on the internet.

And above all else... keep going!

4. Set Goals

Get clear on WHY you are training...

What is your goal/goals?

You will obviously have a vague idea in your head...

But take the time to make sure that you are following the proven technique of setting SMART goals.

Repeating the process on a regular basis provides an ongoing reminder of WHY you are making the effort to make progress.

5. Focus On The Process Rather Than The Outcome

Yes, the end goal is key. So make sure that you follow the advice above regarding setting goals.

But once that is done, learn to appreciate the process that gets you there rather than just the ultimate goal.

You are not going to achieve your aims overnight (assuming that you are being ambitious by setting a challenging goal).

So constantly comparing yourself to that end goal is going to be frustrating.

Acknowledging that you are undertaking a process, and observing your gradual progress (my taking specific measurements) will help maintain motivation.

Compare yourself to last week... appreciate the progress.

This is much more encouraging than feeling disheartened that you still haven't achieved your dream body.

6. Be Realistic, Patient & Consistent!

If you have set a meaningful target, you must accept that success takes time!

There is no point setting unrealistic expectations and getting irritated when you don't meet them.

Be fair to yourself by giving yourself time... then learn to be patient and apreciate that the best way to achieve your targets is simply to follow your plan consistently.

If you find this difficult... then consider this a valuable lesson in why you must maintain your results once you have achieved your targets...

You don't want to have to start from the begining again!

7. Make A List Of ALL Benefits

You probably have one or two main reasons for why you want to achieve a fitness goal...

But there will be MANY more 'bonus benefits' on top.

Make a list of EVERY single benefit that you can possibly imagine that you will enjoy, once you have achieved success.

This means literally WRITING THE LIST DOWN ON PAPER.

Put that list somewhere highly visible (eg. on the fridge door).

Stay on plan... and you get ALL of the benefits on the list!