EVERYBODY has a health & fitness goal...

Some people want less body fat...

Toned abs...

Bigger arms...

To be able to run faster and/or for longer...

Or maybe even just feel more energetic and confident.

Even being happy with your current condition, and wanting to maintain it, is a goal.

So in that sense, everybody is motivated... we all want something.

Do or Do Not

Based on that presumption... you belong to one of two broad groups;

1) Do-ers

2) Non do-ers...

Especially when it comes to physical fitness, you are either moving towards your goal, or away from your goal.

(The laws of nature dictate that you never really stay the same).

Procrastinating, therefore, is a backward step. (Infinitely worse than staying the same).

In other words, the key to achieving your personal target... is to take consistent action.

You either do... or you do not.

You can have the 'best' workout plan (on paper), the 'best' nutrition plan, be a member of the 'best' gym and buy the most expensive pair of training shoes you can find...

But if you skip those workouts, and fail to follow that diet, you are moving further away from your goal.

This is a simple fact.

You can't avoid it.

No matter how elaborate your excuse... the end result is the same.

This is why CONSISTENCY is so important.

So what if the timing isn't perfect?

So what if the gym is busy?

So what if it's raining?

Your goal is the priority. And the very last thing you want, is to watch it move further and further away into the future.

How Important Is Your Health & Fitness Goal?

Think about your own goals/targets... What do they look like?

How does successfully reaching that point feel?

Focusing your attention on these positive emotions is the precursor to taking action.

When you can visualise the end result, and more importantly, what it means to you, you will begin to feel energised.

You will start to take action.

Don't wait for the perfect time. It will never happen.

Compromise if you have to. Just get started.

Even for a perfectionist, it's far easier to worry about fine-tuning the details of your programme once you have momentum.

The perfect moment to get started will never arrive. Just get going... adjust the details as you go.

The Common Traps

"I'll start tomorrow/next week"

No, you won't. Whatever your excuse is today, will most likely still be there tomorrow. Telling yourself otherwise, is nothing more than wishful thinking.

"I Need To (insert chore here) Before I Go To The Gym"

Suddenly finding 'important' tasks that make you feel productive. This will not produce the results you want. So no matter how much better you feel after you've mopped the kitchen floor, it's only a matter of time before you suffer the regret of avoiding your workout. Again.

"I Don't Have Time"

The most popular excuse around. I'm sure you are genuinely busy. Work, family, social life... it can be a challenge to fit everything in. However, whenever you feel yourself gravitaing toward this particular excuse, remind yourself of the 2 following points;

a) You have the same number of hours in the day as everybody else. Again, the difference between those who "have time" and those who claim that they don't, is simple... Health & fitness is either a priority, and you take action. Or it isn't, and you don't.

(Your phone 'Screen Time' will help you identify your real-life priorities. How much time have you spent on social media in the last 7 days? If it's more than 3 hours/day... you have more than enough time to get to the gym and cook fresh, healthy meals).

Before you say you "don't have time", check the time you spend pointlessly checking your phone.

b) Your health & fitness should be a top priority. What else do you have on your to-do-list that is ultimately more important?

Work?... Countless studies have shown that exercise boosts productivity and reduces days lost to illness.

Family?... Your partner/kids propably consider your health and wellbeing their top priority.

"I Don't Know What To Do"

Ask for help!

In the meantime... you can't go wrong by going for a walk and cutting down your sugar intake.

"I Don't Want/Feel Confident Enough To Go To The Gym"

Don't then. Most of my clients achieve their results while training in their living rooms. There is no rule that says you have to go to the gym.

A Blueprint For Taking Action

1) Get motivated by defining a clear goal. Plan a reward if/when you achieve it.

2a) Plan your strategy; training plan, nutrition plan, lifestyle plan etc.

2b) Identify where you need help. And then ASK FOR HELP!

3) Identify where, when and why you procrastinate. eg. if you spend 45 minutes every morning scrolling though Instagram, and "don't have time" to go to the gym, schedule your workouts in the morning and stop using Instagram beforehand. Schedule reminders on your phone, leave notes around the house... do whatever is necessary.

(Scheduling workouts at least 24 hours in advance is vital... make a commitment. And the earlier in the day, the better. The later you leave it... the more likely it is that "something will come up" and you will change your plans).

4) Plan and buy food in advance. This will keep you on track and generally, if you are eating correctly, you are less likely to make bad decisions elsewhere in your plan (once your diet has fallen apart for the day it's very tempting to write it off as "rest day" and give up workouts too).

Plan your food for the week ahead... And do not deviate from your plan!

5) Make yourself accountable. This is one of the most common reasons for somebody to hire a trainer... You are committed to a schedule and you have somebody there to ensure that you follow it. Failing this, find somebody close to you who you can share your fitness plan with and ask them to monitor your discipline. (Even your children are a good choice here... think about the example you would be setting if you keep making excuses).

6) Monitor and record your progress. Seeing tangible results will only encourage you to keep going. This comes back to your initial goal setting. Figure out (at the start) how you are going to measure your success and commit to that method. Missing measurements is potentially as bad as missing workouts!

7) If you “don’t feel like” working out, just commit do doing half. Instead of 20 mins on the treadmill, do 10. Do 2 sets instead of 3. Firstly, this is infinitely better than doing nothing. Secondly, once you have completed your warm up, it is very likely that you will feel energised and generally more positive. Your attitude towards completing the whole workout will be much better than it was while you were sat at your desk dreading the "chore" of exercising.

Just Do It

Ultimately, your fitness reflects your most consistent decisions and actions.

Procrastination doesn't just cause your fitness to stagnate... it causes you to move backwards... Consistently fail to adhere to your plan, and you will gradually move further and further away from the level that makes you happy.

Consistently waking up and commiting to what you said you would do, guarantees progress.